19 September 2013

Back in the studio

The past few weeks have gone by in a flash while I sew and prepare the new Play by numbers styles for the shop. I was a little afraid after taking almost 9 months off that I may have forgotten how to sew a dress from scratch, but of course it all came flooding back along with that wonderful rush I get when a small run of dresses are hanging neatly in the cupboard.  
Photography by Nadinoo

You have all been so wonderful and supportive with the launch of this collection, whether you have blogged, tweeted, facebooked or purchased a piece from the shop! Thank you all soo much, I feel blessed to have such a kind online following. 
x x x
Laura Flores said...

they are all so beautiful :_

Isabel said...

Stunning photos. There is something so satisfying making up multiples and seeing them hanging there together.

The Ponycats said...

I'm so excited you always inspire me :)

Iwona said...

I love your blog!!! Beautiful pictures!

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