A mini break


Last week was our two year wedding anniversary so we decided to take a few days off work and head to the Lake district for some quality time together. We booked a couple of nights in a lovely Hotel on the southern tip of lake Windermere called The Swan with plans to enjoy walks in the countryside, eat plenty of yummy food and relax in the spa. Despite the heavy down pour  we managed to squeeze everything into the two days but as the hotel was so cosy and inviting with it's roaring fires and delicious food we spent most of our time indoors. The Mr booked me in for some pregnancy treatments to start off the holiday to ensure I was fully relaxed when I left the Spa. Having a massage these days involves so many pillows as I'm not allowed to lay on my front or back in case of harming the little one but it's still the best way for me to relax. All those hours at the sewing machine and stooped over the iron mean my back gets pretty sore when the day is done but I do my best to balance it out with plenty of swimming and yoga. We managed to visit a few places on our list and soak up the breathtaking views, my favourite has to be lake Consiton with such a rugged mountain backdrop and small stone village built around the top of the lake. Unfortunately the rain was so fierce I had to leave my camera in the car but the photo above taken on our journey there gives you a great idea of the colours both surrounding and reflected in the lake. I was hoping for long energetic walks but with my ever changing pregnant body I was surprised how quickly I now tire. This little one is getting so big and heavy I have to take it pretty easy so we stopped off for tea and cake a few times, just to break things up :) As the Lakes is only an hours drive from our home we are hoping to escape there again soon when the weather is a little more friendly as there is so much more we would like to do and see.
Photography by Nadinoo


Sioned. said...

Your bump is looking beautiful :) Ahh pregnancy pampering is the best, enjoy every second gorgeous mama xx

rose-a-petits-pois said...

It sounds like you had a lovely time (even though the weather wasn't so friendly). But then I guess it was quite nice to stay warm and cozy inside :-)

Oh and gosh, pregnancy suits you so well. You look so
gorgeous with your cute little tummy !!!

Lots of love x

Nadinoo said...

Thanks guys, I have to say I'm loving pregnancy! A perfect excuse to sit back, relax and let the Mr spoil me :)

daria said...

wow, congrats!

Q's Daydream said...

wow, how gorgeous! i love the horses :)
also, that belly of yours couldn't be any cuter! xx