It's been so nice to come back and find Manchester in the sunshine, makes the holiday feel like it was not on such a distant land. I can't pretend though that San Francisco was not everything I had hoped it would be and plenty more.. There really is nothing that the city does not have to offer and I'm happy to say we enjoyed it to the full. We even managed after days of wandering and soaking up the sights to meet up with a very fine Ashley Ording for some night time play.. Karaoke, Tiki cocktails, Vintage dress up and plenty of blog chatter where enough to make me want to stay in San Francisco forever..
I took heaps of pics with my new shiny camera of the trip which I'm sure I'll be sharing with you all soon. Just slowly working my way down the to-do list after getting back, although I can feel my body giving way to a nasty cold that's going around. For now I'm excited to share with you this dreamy little video by Jo from Lost in the Haze, wearing her recent I ♥ Nadinoo giveaway dress.

So nice to think that all the way across the world lovely ladies like Jo are putting on their cotton dresses and dancing amongst the blossom trees excited that Summer is round the corner... Aaaahh I hope you enjoy!


margarita ts said...

beautiful pics!

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

What a fun video, she looks good in her beautiful sailor dress. It makes me wish summer was around the corner here instead of winter. I'm so glad that you came to visit when the weather wasn't at its worst. I'll let you know if I ever get up the guts to get on stage. haha. I hope you can come to San Francisco again soon. :D