A Fancy Fine closet


Ashley of Fancy Fine

Like most vintage obsessed ladies I get so excited at the sight of pretty dresses especially when they are handpicked from the most fabulous of eras. It was a real treat to get a nosey inside one of our favorite Vintage bloggers Ashley's wardrobe and see all the dreamy pieces she keeps draped around her room. She has such an amazing collection making you rush to her Vintage shop in the hope of grabbing one for yourself.. 
As if the sight of so many darling dresses was not enough to make me giddy with excitement, seeing her wearing our very own Nadinoo Untie me dress was all too much. Can't imagine a more perfect style for a real life Lula! 


Raquel Faria said...

Ouh ♥ what a delicious video this is! She has so many beautiful dresses! Such a cute girl!

anni aliisa said...

My goodness how gorgeous everything in her closet is! I am in awe of how well she wears all the different colours and styles, looking picture perfect in all of them.

Nadinoo said...

I know! some girls are blessed it all :)

Ashley Ording said...

xoxoxo times a MILLION!