Saying bye to Demo


 Last week was our first week without Demo and it was quite easy to see how much she contributed to our little team as we were slow and totally unbalanced! I did have a bit of an accident while moving the machines in a an effort to spring clean and sliced my finger open which slowed things down even more but having to negotiate Demo's work load was a bit of a shock. Thankfully my finger is healing nicely and I am also happy to tell you we have found ourselves a shiny new intern by the name of Raquel! She will be joining us in a few weeks time from Portugal. We look forward to welcoming her into our team and getting her up to speed!
Demo popped in this morning to say bye before flying home to visit family in China and told me she had posted about her experience at Nadinoo on her blog. I thought it was such a sweet write up of her time here, you might like a read if you are thinking of interning with us at a later date. She also posted a few pics of her cute self playing in her Spinning tea cup dress. A style which Demo named for us and frequently chatted to while working away... cooing a little something like; "you are soo cuuuuute! tooo cuuute! OooOoo how cuuute!.." Indeed her little crazy ways will be missed in the studio.

"My internship with Nadinoo came to an end last Friday. I spent such a lovely time with our little team in the cozy studio. I still remember the first time I saw the Nadinoo website and the images of Nadinoo collections, I opened my eyes so wide and said out loud to my boyfriend that they are so pretty! My heart was filled with excitement and I so much wanted to be part of it. I was so passionate to apply my internship with Nadinoo. I have learnt so much in the past few months. I learnt the proper way of cutting fabrics.  I can't tell you enough how small a thing cutting fabrics seems but how big the knowledge behind the job it actually is. There are so many things you have to be aware while cutting, for example, to line up the prints, to make sure the fabrics do not have marks, to know which pattern piece refers to the actual garment, to draw the patterns accurately and follow the grain line,  and at the same time to save fabrics and time as much as possible, etc. There are loads other little things I have learnt, such as making beautiful self-fabric buttons. Anyways, I know how much this internship will affect my future study. It has already made me into a more confident person. It was really an amazing time and experience in Nadinoo. I sure will miss the cutest designer Nadia Izruna. I loved how she suddenly starting singing and dancing in the studio, and laughing out loud to the silly jokes in the radio. She is the first designer I have ever worked with, I am really grateful for the opportunity she gave me and the time she spent teaching me."

"She gave me a surprise on my last day when we went out for an afternoon tea after work, a SPINNING TEACUP DRESS! I was so happy and I almost cried. This dress is special for me, I love the name so much, and I always looked at it in the studio and couldn't stop making the "awww" noise. It is such an beautiful dress. I loved the print so much, the colour and the silhouette, what I love the most are the pockets and the scalloped double collar. Cute! Cute! Cute! Yes, so demdem cute!"


Caitlin Rose said...

oh, I miss you laughing at the jokes on the radio too! I miss the radio too come to think of it.

ashley moe said...

aww, she's darling!

Libby said...

Demo seems like such a sweetheart! And one day, I'd like to intern at Nadinoo. It sounds fabulous.

I am Demo :) said...

Thanks so much for this lovely post about me! It is so lovely of you!!! xxxxxx