ahoy there Sailor!



Was overjoyed today to see Erin's outfit post from what she wore at the weekend. She has always been a huge inspiration to Nadinoo so it's wonderful to see her out and about in our Pixie goes sailing dress, which I have to say looks pretty darn cute on her! Her tattoos look so cheeky popping out from behind the dress, I love how they add to the sailor theme. If you are still hungry for more pics and want to find out what she got up to in this little number then hop over to her blog and be sure to compliment her on such a fine look...

Photography by Calivintage


Up The Wooden Hills said...

So pretty! The sailor dress looks lovely on her and I really love her accessories too.

odessa said...

Ahh...this dress is so lovely. And Erin styled it perfectly too! :)

Anonymous said...

Now I'm hesitating ! I don't know which dress I want...! This one or Lula's Untie me dress.