Rainy days...


sewing station
Photography by Nadinoo 

It's been wet and grey here in Manchester this week which has made designing the new Summer collection a little difficult. Thinking about turning up the heat and pretending Summer is just round the corner. 

tailors dummy

Hope you enjoy these snaps from the last roll of film, the new studio is slowly taking shape so I will be taking plenty more in the coming weeks.

sewing station 2
Photography by Nadinoo 


Holly Springett said...

Lovely to see some behind the scenes shots, looks like a fabulous studio! Wish the weather was a little less gloomy in London also!

Samantha said...

You are so lucky to be the able to create such pretty things.



M. said...

The second photo is so good..like a short story..The rain drops on the window,the cold light,a female figure standing there "open".. vulnerable and courageous -like an actress on stage- and a meter to keep the structure..
so poetic..

charlotteauzou said...

Your serger seems so old ! I can see Liberty Pauly Parrot fabric, I love this one.

Nadinoo said...

I know, it's an old factory machine. Love it to pieces, it works like a dream!

Love Nadia x

Ashley Ording said...

What lovely photos! You should make yourself a tropical drink and then watch that scene from There's No Business Like Show Business where Marilyn Monroe sings "Heat Wave." Maybe that'll do the trick! ;)

So so so excited to see what you come up with for Summer!!

alexandra grecco said...

gah, this blog is too lovely!