21 November 2010

Our London home


The time has come to say bye to our cosy London apartment, I thought it would be nice to mark this occasion by sharing a photo shoot that Hilary Walker took of our home for Frankie. Still not sure if we made it into the Spaces book but either way I love how Hilary captured our home on a very good day.
I always get asked to share more behind the scenes pics with you so I hope these images help paint a pretty picture.





















Thank you so much Hilary Walker for taking such beautiful photos of our London home.

We are so excited about our next step. I have found an amazing studio in the heart of Manchester's Northern Quarter which used to be a petticoat factory. We also pick up the keys to our new apartment tomorrow. Can't wait to move in and decorate them both with all our bright coloured belongings. 
mr tom said...

Great to see behind the scenes ;o)

Can I ask where you got your thread stands from?

We've been looking for ages to no avail. I was even considering building one myself!

Velvet Dawn said...

Oh my...I have traveled to Manchester and London...both beautiful places. I am following your blog! Thank you for the inspiration and beautiful blog entries!! Best of Luck to you!! Photos are beautiful...and your talent is amazing. Dawn{Suitcase Vignettes}!! Stop by for a visit.!!

one's own sweet way said...

best of luck to you- love ya!
cynthia of http://onesownsweetway.blogspot.com/

Rosaspina Vintage said...

I love these pictures, your London home looks adorable.
I just wrote a post about Nadinoo on my blog, italian ladies must know about your lovely collections!
Have a great week,


Barbara said...

So charming ...
thank you for sharing and good luck for your new home,

private detective Toronto said...

your london home is so cozy
so clearly..

Karen Cheung said...

Ooh - my husband and I located to North Wales from Essex a few months ago and he now works in Manchester. It's lovely around here, but stupidly cold. You will definitely notice the difference - welcome to the North!

abdul said...

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kathryn said...

it's a really pretty space. can I ask you where you got that wooden clothing rack? i have never seen anything like it before.

Nadinoo said...

Yes, I bought it from a shop on Columbia road, London (the flower market) they have a website, perhaps you can order one by paying online.

Hope this help! x

Carol said...

Lovely pics and blog!!
Love your style and your clothes!

Elephants et plus by Sonia Otero said...

Preciosas fotos!!!
Seguro que el próximo también será fantástico!!


i wish those cupcakes were mine lol.

Oh,Wunder! said...

i like your blog and all the cute pictures!!
would you like to follow each other??
visit me:



Fashion Cappuccino said...

What a beautiful apartment! I love especially how the books were organized! xoxoxoo

Anonymous said...

I love your home ! The lamp is great. can you tell us where it is from ?
Otherwise, I am so happy with my new Nadinoo Pixie navy dress, so I made a blog post with a picture of it. Thank you again !

Almira said...

Where did you get your counter-height fabric cutting tables? They are difficult to find! Thanks!

Nadinoo said...

The tables were custom made to the hight i needed (for the same reason you mentioned) by unto this last:


They do such beautiful furniture which is made in-house to order, which is not too pricey. I have so many pieces on my wish list for the new year.

Love Nadinoo x

supayana said...

What a lovely apartment! Thank you for sharing these photos!

lenna said...

I absolutely love your London Home!
I'm new to your blog but I think it just gives off the same aura as your style and your fashion.
beautiful~ I look forward to seeing more
xoxo lenna

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