13 November 2009

Girl crush

Illustrations by Mercedes Helnwein

After flicking through the much awaited new issue of Lula magazine I came across the wonderful Austrian born illustrator Mercedes Helnwein. The more I looked into this lady the more besotted I became with her and the darling characters she illustrates. Such a lovely vintage feel to them all, they remind me a little of the 70's "Peter and Jane" books I was taught to read from.
You can also see a short film of Mercedes at work in her incredible studio, just take a rewarding trip to the Lula website.
Claire said...

Wow, these are all really beautiful!

Blackhair said...

yeah she's just amazing (and Lula as well!)

Marika said...

oooh my, how gorgeous!

Katarina Kühl ~ PencilFashion said...

the illustrations are wonderful!!!

Laia said...

She's amazing! I loved that pic you've posted of her when I saw it at the last Lula, I have actually used it for a trend's collage for college haha

the exhausted etiquette (kirstine) said...

oh yes I saw the video. she's great I may use her work as a little inspiration.

I have yet to see the wors in full though, thanks!


reckless daughter said...

I went to the opening of her show a couple weeks ago. she is so talented and lovely!

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