16 November 2009

Back to brunette

Photography by Edwin 

As mentioned a few posts previously I was having a dilemma as to whether I should grow my hair as a blond or a brunette. On Friday I finally took the plunge and dyed my hair back to it's original dark brunette shade and I have to say I'm delighted with the result! Although I really enjoyed being a blond for two years I feel more at home with my natural colour and definitely more myself. So thank you for all your advice and lovely comments that helped make this decision.

Above are some lovely pics by New York based photographer Edwin Tse, a close friend of a dear customer who Nadinoo may work with in the future. He has such a fabulous portfolio of work of which I'm sure I will draw more inspiration from in the future, I hope you enjoy his work! 
AlicePleasance said...

Yay for brunette :-)

...Even though I'd love to have red hair sometimes!

Nuclear said...

oooh I think you are beautiful in every color!)
The main thing is that you enjoy yourself!

VintageFrantic said...

the dark hair looks great on you! and your dress is so beautiful :)

Nadinoo said...

O dear, I didn't mean to mislead! That cutie girl in the pic is not me but a dear model. Her hair is the length I'm aiming for now with my brown tresses.
Perhaps I will have some taken of myself soon, we shall see..
Love Nadia x

calivintage said...

oh yeah, nadia, we want to see some pictures of you with your new hair! though these photos are absolutely lovely. i want her dress!

Friend in Fashion said...

You look gorgeous - love the bangs!

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Maria Confer said...

OH, my! This shade is stunning on you!! I always feel that people look best with their natural hair color!!

Totally gorgeous.


Maria Confer said...

Oops just read your comment!! ;)

Yes most definitely want to see pics of you!!


lully & rupert said...

speaking as a naturally fair headed freckled girl, i'd love to pull of that kind of hair.
those photos are lovely too

MELISSA Z. said...

I love your blog!

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Mathyld / encore petite said...

Yes ! Pictures of you please :)
And yay for brunettes, indeed !
x x x

Louise said...

Good move! now all you need is that sweet dress to go with your new hair x

Nadinoo said...

Thanks all for kind encouragement for my new hair! I promise to make time and take a pic of myself soon to show you the transformation.
Love Nadinoo x

Federica said...

I am totally in love with your collections and your blog...I am speechless.
I sent you a messagge on your website!

P.s. Do you ship to Italy?


Nadinoo said...

Hi Federica,

Thanks for the kind comment, delighted you enjoy the blog and collections!
Nadinoo ships to the world, all you need is an address.

Love Nadinoo x

Sahakiel said...

This is just lovely and gorgeous!! The pictures are so beautiful!!

Yaw, I see your hair so long and now I want mine to be long too :(!! Grow up, come on!

Hannah Elise said...

I'm sure your hair looks fabulous. Hair changes are always fun. I've always stuck with being a brunette..but..sometimes I wonder if being blonde would be more fun... :)

Leia said...

Oh! You are gorgeous :)

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