14 April 2009

Nadinoo Spring/Summer 09 collection

Elena in Fleur's play top and Big bow jeans.

Elena in Lula's Sunshine set top and Play short.

Elena in Fleur's play top and Big bow jeans,
Feur's Liberty hoodie and Big bow jeans

Fleur's play top and Sunshine short

Pixie's Frilly top and Play short

Hurray!! the Nadinoo Spring/Summer 09 collection is finally here. I really hope you love it as much as I do, I'm so pleased with how it has turned out. Thank you so much to Marlies Dattler for making the photo shoot possible and Photographing the collection so beautifully.
Thanks to Fleur Templeton and Elena M for being such gorgeous models.
Thanks to Nicoletta Hahn for the wonderful hair and make up.
And finally thanks to Alexandra Dietl for being an inspiring stylist and for providing such lovely shoes, accessories and other props from Accessorize, Coccinelle, Roeckl, Levi's Acc, Francesco Biasia & Pilgrim.
zoll said...

cute, cute, cute!

claro said...

fan now!!

Amy said...

Nadinoo, I can't tell you how emotional I was just looking through your georgous collection!
You are amazing and it looks simply fabulous! Seriously, I am sooooo pleased for you and the effort you put oin really shines throughh!
Your such a talented young frau and you should be praised for that!
Amy x

Matthias said...

f***ing amazing!!
really love it.
the images are so beautiful.
i am envious, really well done.

Oezlen said...

its really nice your summer collection... i like the "big bow jeans" its really lovely....and the sunshine set its as well nice...
sooo well done... the photos are as well really really nice. its fits in your collection... i think is beautiful...
have a nice weekend :-)
see you soon....

Anja Claire Crabb said...

found this coincidently though edel's blog.
is this a side project or your full time thing now?
in any case, superduper clothes, looks very nadia and cute :)
hope you're happy&well x anja

Nadinoo said...

Hello there Anja,
How you doing?
Yes this is now my full time job, really enjoying it so far.
So glad you like, I will have a peek at your blog see what you have been up to.
Have a lovely weekend,
Nadinoo x x x

Sadia said...

hey nadia, the collection is looking fab! well done for getting your little green runaway bag in the shoot!

Mia said...

Absolutely lovely, great, fantastic, great - I loooooove it!!!
We should meet up and see where to put your beautiful collection in Berlin!
xx Mia

hayley burr said...

Hi Nadia
I can't believe it you sly fox i didnt think you were doing this in your spare time it looks amazing. Are you taking orders for wholesale coz I'd love to have it in my shop?
are you still in germany?
keep in touch pet lamb xxx

Andi said...

Congrats on your stuff! Photos are lovely. Good luck getting it out there!! :))

Edel Tucker said...

This brought a big grin & happy smile to my face : )))) Well done Missy, you are amazing Xxx

Layla said...

The sunshine's bow dress is so prettyyy! Good job Nadinoo.

Grandad said...

Amazin' how lucky I am to have such a talented granddaughter (but then I always new it! see u on FTV soon eh? XXXX

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