3 June 2015

A countryside shoot

Since this collection was inspired by our move to Rutland's countryside it made sense to make the most of our beautiful surroundings and shoot the collection in our home and neighbouring villages. I have been location spotting since we moved here, oohing and ahhing at how perfect each backdrop would be for a shoot just like this, so forgive me for being so passionately proud of what we achieved on that gloomy afternoon. This season I teamed up with my talented sister Amira who has been earning her crust photographing weddings and other special days in peoples lives. She has developed her own clean style (See amiramade) and a serious speed when it comes to shooting that I have never seen before. We had the studio Lookbook all shot by lunchtime leaving us with an entire afternoon to escape outdoors and photograph in the rural setting I had fallen so hard for.
Photography Amira Izruna
Styling and direction Nadia Izruna
Kitsune-kun said...

what incredibly gorgeous scenery!!<3

Charlotte Rigby said...

Such gorgeous photos in a gorgeous setting, with beautiful designs of course!!

Annette said...

Is it possible to order your dresses in larger sizes? Any reason you don't offer bigger sizes?

PinkBow said...

absolutely stunning. the clothes match the location to perfection.

Nadinoo said...

Thank you so much ladies! Delighted you enjoy our country setting :)

Nadinoo said...

Annette, you can indeed order our styles in a size L please email me on info@nadinoo.com with the design you are interested in and your measurements.

We have tried offering size L in past collections but sadly never get any orders. The cost of grading all our patterns for a size that is not in demand is sadly not affordable for us. But we are still happy to make them especially for customers on request. (No additional charge)

I hope that helps :)

Nadia x

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