Made in South Africa


I have to admit I'm not a big fan of throwing things away, even though we have moved around the world more times than I care to remember, I feel something is not rubbish until it can be used no more! Which is why I'm a little smitten with South African brand RE create who leave nothing to waste. They have cleverly found the cutest ways to re-purpose old suitcases, broken scales and other household objects no longer fit for the job. I remember seeing one of their delightful suitcase seats in a magazine a good few years ago and thinking they were onto a winner! So it was utter joy when I stumbled into their store in Woodstock, Cape Town, they were even kind enough to let me take these photos so I could share their cleverness with you all! 
Above photography by Nadinoo

If you have a treasured peace lying around the house that you would love to see RE created, why not get in contact with these guys and see what new life they can breath into it for you..

My Pick..


amira made said...

Love the bench, wouldn't mind that scale in my kitchen too! xx

Nadinoo said...

I know! I got a little lost looking through all their sold items, so many to choose from.. x