Playing catch up


Thought it was about time I got the Nadinoo show back on the road after a much longer than anticipated maternity leave. Those of you who have found me on instagram will already be familiar with my delicious little Lula. She was born on a sunny afternoon in January here in Cape Town and boy have our lives changed since then.

A couple of hours before my little girl came into the world (January 25th 2013)
A very proud dad enjoying his little lady a few hours later.

Those first days where just beautiful, everything felt brand new!
My little rabbit only a day old.
I just couldn't take my eyes off her, all my dreams had come true.

The past six months have been emotional with our little one needing surgery and plenty of follow up treatment to ensure she gains the best sight possible. But despite all this my experience of motherhood thus far has been wonderful, she is coming along famously with the biggest smile that lights up my whole world. 

Sun setting over Cape Town on a magical day.

I'm slowly finding my feet and now back working a couple of days a week getting things organised for the launch of our latest collection. Please bare with me as I update the website and give things a good ol tidy. In the mean time I've unpacked a few remaining pieces from the Sounds of the Woods collection that are back in the shop. They are all discounted by 25% and handmade ready to post from our new location here in Cape Town, South Africa (Please note I will be posting only on Saturdays for now). There are a few more styles I hope to add once I've got the sewing machines up and running, it will be nice to get sewing again after the longest break I've had since the beginning. 


Rosaspina Vintage said...

Welcome back, dear! So lovely to read your posts again :)
A big hug to you and little Lula, she's beautiful (I LOVED her picture wearing glasses on instagram!)

Q's Daydream said...

Awe! I'm so happy to hear that things are going well and lula is doing better. Glad you're back, xo

Nadinoo said...

Thanks so much ladies! Really missed blogging, hope I can keep it up :)

Deena said...

Welcome back!! I've never bought any of your clothes and I don't think I've ever left you a comment- but I am a big fan and have been checking for updates for MONTHS!You're a real inspiration. I'm praying for you all and its lovely to see pics of your daughter. Lula- a beautiful name!

ScarletteOTara said...

Many, many congratulations! Your little girl is such a beauty!

I have found Pixie Goes Sailing to be a perfect nursing dress! Very much looking forward to adding to my collection of Nadinoos. x

Patricia said...

Yaaay! I'm so happy you are back! And congrats!

Daydream Lily said...

welcome back lovely and biggest congrats on Lula. My due date is January next year. So we will both have Jan babies.

Nadinoo said...

You are all such cuties! Tar very much for the warm welcome, I feel obliged to keep it up now.

So impressed Scarlette O Tara your able to wear your Pixie goes sailing dress while feeding, I've not quite reached that level of grace with my wardrobe..

Liss your little one will be a Summer baby too! I'm sure it feels like an age away but time will fly once you reach half way mark.. Pregnancy was such a great experience for me once the messy first trimester was out of the way! Hope your enjoying it thus far :)

June Ressinger said...

You and your family are wonderful! Your items are always so lovely, and so your little one! xo.