Hope Mill


Since moving to Hope Mill at the end of December we have begun to slow the pace down at Nadinoo. It will be our 3 year anniversary in March which is pretty exciting but I don't think I've had a chance to stop and take stock since it all began. It's been nice to calm things down and take the pressure off and as a result we plan to skip the Spring collection and take a little breather while we prepare for the next stage of Nadinoo (watch the space..). There are still plenty of Winter styles yet to be handmade and released in the shop so it will be business as usual for the next few months and a mini Summer collection to follow with unique limited edition pieces popping up in between so stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.

In case you missed the Tweets on our weekend Love Bird offer in preparation for Valentines day we have extended it a further day just for you. To claim 15% off your Nadinoo order use the code VALENTINE when you check out. We have also released a few new styles and re-stocked a few other favourites, so I hope there is something there to tempt you. x

Photography by Nadinoo


Circus Girl (Zoë) said...

Enjoy your time to pick yourself up after a busy three years! :) x

co•co•marro said...

As we say in spanish "mas vale pájaro en mano, que ciento volando" in this case would mean something like, it is better to have one thing well done rather than hundreds badly done. HAndmade things require time, so not having a full summer collection is fair enough, I admire your work and your photos!!!

Nadinoo said...

Thank you both for your kind thoughts! It's always nice to have such wonderful support. x

Anonymous said...

So excited to see what you have planned!

Quick question - trying to purchase the cape from Fall 2010, but noticed the coupon code doesn't work. Does it apply to only this season?

Nadinoo said...

So sorry the Love bird offer has now expired, it was for the weekend only and was extended on to Monday.

There is only one Cape left in the biscuit and two in the Turquoise so make sure you don't miss out!

Nadinoo x