8 April 2011

Nadinoo SS11 Lookseebook


Hurray, the sun is shining and spring is here... I hope you are all getting in the spirit for some warm lazy care free days, I know I am :)

Would love to hear your thoughts and favorite styles to prepare which should go in the boutique first. 
I can't thank you enough for all the amazing love and support you have shown Nadinoo this season with your blog posts and kind comments.

Here are a few bloggers who get a special thank you hug from us!!

rose-a-petits-pois said...

It is hard to say Nadia, everything is so pretty !

Personally I'd love to wear that long dreamy dress or the other one in the same pattern which has a similar shape to the fairytale dress last season.
The pattern and fabric seem so delicate.

The one with a very large peter pan collar (2nd page middle right) intrigues me as well. Is it a very fitted shape ? It looks lovely and very feminine.

I LOVE the cute dress with a bow at the front... But the length is surely too short for me.

Oh ! And the sailor collars... Wow !


caroline said...

wow~ lovely. my favorite has to be the sailor top. then that ruffle-y skirt with a subtle pattern. some look more spring-y and some look more summer-y, so I would post the spring-y first, but I'm sure you already knew that.. hmm... I guess I don't have any good tips. just wanted to say they look lovely~

Rosaspina Vintage said...

Haha Genevieve and I must have been really twins in a past life :) I just sent you an email mentioning the same dresses as my favorites!

Thank you so much for the mention Nadia, writing about you and wearing you beautiful dresses on my blog is such a pleasure!


Caitlin Rose said...

Oh I want that sailor top so bad! it will be mine one day : )

Christina said...

Ah they're all soooo pretty and cute!! I blogged about this collection too! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello Nadia !
My favorite dress is the one with the large peter pan collar, the fit seems amazing. And I love the one the the bow too (maybe a little bit longer might work better for me!).
Have a fantastic week-end!

Nadinoo said...

You lot are the sweetest! So interesting to hear which styles you like the most.

Genevieve (Rose a petits pois) the Fleur's untie me dress is not so short, it should lie just above the knee on us of normal hight. It's the models who make all the dresses seem like mini's. Still we are always happy to add the extra length for you where ever needed, it's what makes our little label so special ;)

The style with a big collar (I have yet to find the perfect name for, any suggestions welcome!) is a mod style fit so it is skimming but not fitted so it's a very easy shape with a self tie waist that hugs you just right. The fabric is adorable with large peach flowers in that don't show up in the photo. It fact so many of the prints are way more exciting up close, but photograph poorly. Still it's always a nice surprise when they arrive and you enjoy them even more!

Please keep your opinions coming, so nice to hear your thoughts and how you would wear them!

Love Nadia x

TCT said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and love it! My favorites here are the cropped shirt with the bow (really any of the stuff with a bow) and the short sleeve print dress with the peter pan collar! Gorgeous collection :)



Flavie said...

I'm so happy to finally see your new collection! Personally I'd love to wear the "flowery" pants...

Kelly Baker said...

Hi Nadia!

I love all of them but I particularly LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE all the Peter Pan collar dresses and the big bow dress!!!

These pieces will take me into the Summer season effortlessly before I am ready to bare my arms and legs!

The colours are gorgeous and the overall feel is very whimsical and dreamy. Roll on hazy Summer days and well done you!!!


Jen said...

Nadia--it's all so beautiful! It's always exciting to see what you've created. Thanks for the link love. xo Jen

Francivusk said...

I love your clothes! ♥
I posted about you here http://delicate-youth.blogspot.com/2011/04/nadinoo.html

xx Francesca

Melis said...

the crop tops for sure! and the minidress with the bow front... all of it! :) i love nadinoo. i think this will be the season i finally get something from your shop.
check out my blog and etsy! i put up my own lookbook :)

Stef / Diversions said...

All of these are amazing :)

I think I love the sailor top and dress just a tiny little bit more ♥ but oh! those skirts.. :)

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