Happy Valentine's day!


To all those in love and celebrating this rather mushy day, I hope you are doing something wonderfully romantic and feeling super special. My fiance will fly in tonight from the UK, can't wait to see him. Our apartment seems so bare and empty without him, although I'm sure all the packed boxes waiting for the move are not helping... Anywho I digress, this post was to announce the wonderful winner of the Red bow dress. So the winning comment in response to "why you would look so damn cute in it" came from Sara, a fun lady from Costa Mesa CA, US who said:

"I have never owned a red dress before! I've never been attracted to one enough to until I spotted this beauty! I would wear it with black heels - maybe boots - and spin around in a circle. My boyfriend will think I have finally cracked. I would have to remember to wear decent underwear in case they showed while I was spinning. That is how happy I would be and that would make me so damn cute - hopefully as cute as all of you other girls who want to wear it!"

A huge congrats to you Sara, I hope you enjoy all the twirling in your new dress!
Choosing one winner was so difficult, there were so many wonderful comments that really brightened up my mornings so thank you all for entering! Hopefully we can offer another pretty dress with the launch of the Spring collection. 

Please note our Nadinoo boutique will be closed while we are in the midst of our move, you are welcome to pre-order styles for when we re-open again in March. Just send me an email with the style and size and I will activate it for you.

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