DIY Bridesmaids Cards


I am in love with these pretty invites with cutout paper bridesmaids, so simple but what a treat to receive one! The best thing is now even you can make them, just follow the easy to read tutorial by once wed. I'm pretty sure you could customize them to any occasion too..
 I don't know about you but when my head is in a bit of a mess I find the easiest way to calm myself down is to give my surroundings a good clean. So if your wondering why things are a little tidier and where all the clutter has gone this is why. I hope it is now easier to read and a calmer blog to escape to! I will be redesigning the header and possibly the layout for the Autumn/Winter 09 season but for now I think this will do. 
I just want to say a big thanks to all the lovely bloggers, photographers and designers who joined in my banner swap, you are free to remove my Nadinoo banner if you wish or leave it up if you would still like to support Nadinoo. x

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oh that's beautiful!