18 May 2009

Pretty N.E.E.T.

Another amazing new find this week was N.E.E.T an online magazine showcasing independent, vintage, eco-friendly and organic designers, shops and artists from all over the world. It really is a beautifully put together magazine, I urge you to take a peek. I am also proud to announce that Nadinoo will be featured in their June edition.

I have selected a few of my favorite pics from the March edition, hope you like!

Anja Claire Crabb said...

well done! that will be great exposure :) i had loked at this online mag before.
may i ask how to came to this? did they contact you or did oyu approach them?
taje care x

Nadinoo said...

Thank you very much my dear!
They contacted me which was a nice surprise, think they must have seen my add on www.indiedesignerlabels.com
Love Nadinoo x

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